Tale ved PROMICE 10-års jubilæum den 22. september 2017

Publiceret 22-09-2017

Oplæg til energi-, forsynings- og klimaminister Lars Chr. Lilleholts tale ved PROMICE 10-års jubilæum den 22. september 2017

-Det talte ord gælder-

I am happy to be here today and celebrate the tenth-year anniversary of PROMICE.


Man-made climate change is high on the global agenda, and the Arctic is one of the places on earth where climate change is felt the most.


Over the last decades scientists have seen big changes in snow and ice conditions in the Arctic.


The climate change in Greenland have big implications, both in Greenland and the rest of the world.


Monitoring changes in the Greenland ice sheet is crucial. For understanding the development in the Arctic and the global sea-level rise.


As an Arctic nation the Kingdom of Denmark has a special obligation to monitor how climate change affects the Arctic region - and how these changes affect the rest of the world.


I recently went to Greenland. Here I got the chance to get a look at one of thePROMICE stations.


Unfortunately, we were unable to land at the station due to bad weather. But from the helicopter I saw the vast area that PROMICE  is monitoring.


PROMICE, the institutions behind the programme and their partners make a very important contribution to the monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet.


The data that the PROMICE programme delivers to global climate research is essential - and free for scientists around the world to use.


For many years we have harvested the fruits of the PROMICE and today we celebrate 10 years of succesful research.


As Danish minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate I can say that I am very proud of the research that is being made in PROMICE and the close cooperation between Greenlandic and Danish institutions in the programme.


I want to congratulate GEUS, Asiaq, DTU, and everyone else that has been involved with the 10-year anniversary of this great research programme.


It is my priviledge to open today’s programme. And I wish you all a good and fruitful afternoon. 


Thank you.

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