Tale ved årsmøde i Danish-Chinese-Business Forum

Publiceret 29-03-2017

Oplæg til energi-, forsynings- og klimaminister Lars Chr. Lilleholts tale ved årsmøde i Danish-Chinese-Business Forum d. 29. marts 2017.

-Det talte ord gælder-


Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for the invitation to be here today.

The Sino-Danish energy cooperation is a very positive story for our two countries. The entire Danish energy sector should be proud to assist China in its green transition.


China plays a key role in the global green transition.

As the world’s biggest user of energy and the biggest greenhouse gas emitter, China is one of the key actors in the Paris agreement.

China is also an important actor in the global energy cooperation and is deeply involved in key energy forums such as the Clean Energy Ministerial, Mission Innovation and the International Energy Agency.


Later this year in Beijing, China will be hosting the annual high-level meeting in the Clean Energy Ministerial, the CEM8.

In this regard it is clear that the Sino-Danish cooperation brings a lot of value.  

As an example of the Sino-Danish cooperation - during my visit to Beijing last year, I signed an agreement with the Chinese government on thermal power plant flexibility.

On this basis, Denmark and China are now working together to better use green energy in China’s power system.


I also want to mention that the work with CNREC has now been expanded to include key actors from

the United States and Germany.

Likewise, I am pleased that the work of CNREC has become an inspiration for the green transition in other Asian countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam. 


However, with regards to the details of the cooperation and with CNREC’s Danish Chief Expert Kaare Sandholt present here today, I will safely leave it to him to talk about all the good work that CNREC is doing.

I very much look forward to visiting China again for the next high-level meeting at the Clean Energy Ministerial in June.


While China plays an active and important role on the international energy arena, it has also started its green transition at home.  

Already today, China has the largest green power capacity of any country in the world.

For example 150 gigawatts of wind power have been put in place. And it does not stop here. Demand for green energy is growing fast.


I am pleased that Denmark is supporting China in this transition. We are now working on a three-year extension and an expansion of the Sino-Danish cooperation.

This will include working with China on district heating and offshore wind.


On district heating, we recently signed an implementing agreement for a specific pilot project.

The project will rely on Danish rules based solutions to use clean energy in district heating.


I am also pleased that the project has a strong base for Danish companies to be directly involved.

The work on district heating will hopefully make way for a more green heating system in cities across China and demand for Danish solutions.

Based on learnings from the very successful Sino-Danish Quality Wind project, we are also working on a new offshore wind project.

The project includes both a government-to-government component and a commercial component.  China is very motivated to increase its capacity on offshore-wind. So far, however, only fairly small amounts have been put in place.


Danish know-how in this field is top of the class. At the end of 2016, we had a tender for the new Danish offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak. The winning bid was a price of only 5 eurocents per kilowatt hour. A new world record.

We have very high ambitions: The aim of our offshore wind activities is to set up a full scale Sino-Danish offshore project, developed by an alliance of Danish and Chinese partners.  


Promoting Danish exports remains a top priority for the Government.

We already have in place a range of concrete activities that are supporting Danish energy export. To connect the dots, the Foreign Minister, the Development Minister

and I last week put forward an export strategy.


I am very proud that Denmark is able to work with China in transforming to a more green energy sector.

Our work does not only benefit China in its ambitious green transition, but is also an important show-window for Danish products and know-how.

This is truly a win-win situation for both China and Denmark.


I look forward to our continued cooperation for a more green future.


Thank you.