Denmark is leader in green energy, declares the World Bank

Publiceret 17-02-2017

Denmark has the best framework conditions in the world when it comes to energy efficiency, sustainable energy and access to energy. This is the conclusion in a new report issued by the World Bank.

On a score from 1-100 Denmark gets 100 in "access to energy", 86 in "energy efficiency" and 94 in "sustainable energy". This is sufficient to take the leading position with 94 points - followed by Canada and the USA having each three points less.

"It makes me very proud that once again Denmark can put on the global, green jersey as an indication that Denmark is the country in the world with the best framework conditions for a sustainable energy system. Last autumn, the World Energy Council named our energy system the world's best, which is now once again confirmed in this comprehensive analysis from the World Bank. So, Denmark takes a very strong position and of course the government endeavours to stick to it", says Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

The government will hold on to the green leadership
Since the energy crisis in the 1970s Denmark has made substantial investments in sustainable energy, based on wide political agreements on increased energy efficiency and transition to sustainable energy.

The government will continue the ambitious green transition and will present a series of initiatives during 2017.

"This year the government will present several initiatives to make Denmark stay at the forefront of green transition: shortly, we will present an export strategy for energy technology to boost the export of Danish energy technology to countries like USA, UK and Germany. Within the space of a few months, the government’s energy commission will present their recommendations for the energy policy as from 2020 and on. Based on these recommendations we will make a proposal for a new, ambitious energy conciliation, which we will present this autumn", says Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

Ambitious targets for 2030 and 2050

The government has set ambitious targets for green transition in Denmark; furthermore, the government is pushing for maintaining the best energy system in the world.

"The government has a long-term target of making Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2050 and we have the ambitious target of covering at least half of Denmark's energy needs with renewable energy by 2030. The government will work to ensure that Denmark has the most integrated, market-based and flexible energy system in Europe, a system that can manage increasing amounts of renewable energy in a cost-efficient way. In this way, we can also provide a showcase to the rest of the world and create thousands of jobs, ensure exports, growth and wealth", says Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt.


  • The World Bank's report "Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy” (RISE) gives a comprehensive picture of the strength and complexity of the support from countries to transition to sustainable energy as well as the initiatives taken to implement the support. The report comprises 111 countries covering more than 90% of the world's population and energy consumption.
  • In 2015 the export of energy technology from Denmark amounted to a total of DKK 71.4 billion. The export of energy technology represented 11.1 percent of the total Danish export of goods in 2015. This makes Denmark leader in the EU when it comes to the share of export of energy technology of the total export of goods.
  • The Confederation of Danish Industry assesses that the export of energy technology can rise to DKK 125 billion as a consequence of the international agreement on climate change signed at the COP21 in Paris in 2015.


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